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Chain and Tools

Just like any other important part in a mini bike, go kart, drift trike or anything driven by a chain, its really important to pick the right chain for your needs.  Here at OMB Warehouse we offer all kinds of chains from your average #35 chain that fits a doodle bug mini bike to your heavier duty #420 chain that fit most big mini bikes like CT200U, BT200x, CT200-EX, Warrior and everything in between, We also offer go kart chain sizes like #219 chain.  Our favorite high performance chain is the RLV Gold on gold #35.  These chains are less prone to breaking, stretching and popping off the sprocket which are the main problems in chains and anything driven by chains. Most racing go karts and small 49cc ride on "toys" use #219 chain.  We also offer chain breakers for #35 chain or #420 chain. A chain breaker is a very important tool that is recommended to own, if you're either your neighborhood rider or the local track mechanic, with a chain breaker you're able to fix a chain quick and easy and you are also able to make a chain without a master link which are the weakest part in a chain.