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Chain and Tools

OMB Warehouse stocks a variety of mini bike chain, mini bike tool, sprocket guards, and master links with quick shipping, no matter your budget or sprocket choice, size options, or application. Shop from a variety of #35, #219, and #428 chain options - available in standard or O-ring configuration. Don't forget your mini bike tool either - laser chain aligners and chain breakers are also available, and essential mini bike tools. A typical mini bike chain from OMB Warehouse has hardened steel rollers, and precision-ground link pins to create a chain that is durable, and resistant to wear or stretching over time. It does not come with a master link, as the chain is pinned together. To adjust the length of this chain, a #219 chain breaker mini bike tool is recommended which will save you a lot of time and effort in adding or removing links from this a chain length to get the perfect chain for your needs. All that you need to do is put the chain in the slot of the chain cutter, and rotate the handle of the chain cutter to push the pin of the chain cutter out of the chain pin.