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OMB Warehouse offers the highest quality Mini bike 10 in wheels that are great on strength, durability, and looks, all good as OEM replacement parts and spares. A combo of tires, tubes, and wheels has to be of the highest quality to get the most out of your mini bike. What good does a great pair of tires do if you don't have an equally great set of wheels? In many respects, the tire and wheel act as one - go inferior on one but high-end on the other and you'll just drag yourself down. To get the most out of your tires you need to get some great wheels and vice versa as both affect how well the bike handles and the smoothness of the ride. One of our superior items in the Mini bike 10 in wheels category is the RamPro 10" All Purpose Utility Air Tires/Wheels with a 5/8" Diameter Hole and Double Sealed Bearings (Pack of 2). The high quality heavy-duty rubber will last very long. The Air stem is on the outside so you can always inflate the tires easily if needed - The Double Sealed Bearings will evenly distribute your loud on your vehicle.