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The mini bike Lil Indian was one of the exciting mini bikes seen on American roads in the 1960s and 70s. Check out the stocks at OMB Warehouse Lil Indian mini bike parts for sale.Most of the Lil Indian mini bike for sale now are collectors’ items, that have been dumped in a corner of a garage or belong to mini bike enthusiasts who have lovingly restored their mini bike Lil Indian. Hence, it is very difficult to estimate a Lil Indian mini bike value as a lot of factors have to be taken into account. The year of manufacture is critical as some makes and models are released at specific times with product upgrades and innovative features. Even though work on the mini bikes had started around 1960, it was not till 1969 that the company had literally thousands of orders for the mini b8ikes. Hence, you will find that the most Lil Indian mini bike for sale will be around that period. Lil Indian mini bike parts for sale are hard to come by especially if you are looking for OEM replacement parts. However, we have scoured the markets and now have something for sale for our customers.