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The Noram mini bike GE series clutch is a high quality product stocked by OMB Warehouse that helps increase your chances on the race track and gives you an edge. Getting across that finish line ahead of everyone else requires you to make a lot of decisions on whose equipment to use in outfitting your machine. NORAM, manufactures the finest mini bike GE series four-cycle racing mini bike clutches, sprockets, hubs, and axle cassettes in the world. Versatility by design allows NORAM racing products to be “tuned” to fit your machine’s own unique characteristics as well as the track’s. That means response based upon your standards. Every Noram racing mini bike clutch or part is a direct result of years of technical innovation in design, precision engineering and the use of the highest quality components. Some of the mini bike GE series products stocked by us are GE clutch drum, GE clutch key, GE old style clutch key and CKS clutch bolt kit. Most importantly, the mini bike GE series items are color coded for your convenience. For example, Black - 1900 rpm, 2100 rpm, Red - 2040 rpm, 2500 rpm, White - 2470 rpm, 2900 rpm, Blue - 2650 rpm, 3200 rpm and so on.