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Your safety is our primary concern. All mini bike safety gear in our stocks at OMB Warehouse are strictly as per norms set down by regulatory authorities. We also source our range of mini bike safety gear from leading brands and manufacturers around the world. Always wear one of our approved full-face helmets when riding mini bikes and buckle the chin strap when using the helmet. Put on mini bike safety gear such as elbow pads and kneepads when riding mini bikes. Make sure they are fastened snugly. Shin guards are also recommended for further protection. Check out the gloves in our stocks that protect the rider. Many motorcycle gloves, such as the ones we offer have extra protection for the knuckles and palms of your hand in case your hands come in contact with the ground when racing mini bikes. One of our best selling mini bike safety gear is the Steel bird 7 wings anti-fog anti scratch, UV protected polycarbonate reusable glass goggle shield. It hasAnti-Fog Crystal Clear HD glass that covers the full face, and active eye protection with comfortable fit that can be worn over spectacles. The glass is hard coated and scratch resistant and has adetachable nose pad.