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Need Mini bike Valve Covers for Coleman 196cc, Hisun, TaoTao mini bikes? Check out the extensive range at OMB Warehouse, all sourced from leading manufacturers.The valve cover protects the valve trains. To lubricate the valve train, oil is pushed through the pushrod and diffused directly beneath the valve cover. The valve cover is the one that lubricates the rocker arms of the engine. To avoid leakage while the oil is in circulation, the valve cover must be oil-tight. However, some valve covers are prone to wear and tear. Since valve covers are made of very slim pieces of metal, they fail to withstand the pressure caused by tensing up the screws. When you are buying mini bike Coleman 196cc Valve Covers, Hisun Valve Covers, or TaoTao Valve Covers, do not neglect the functioning of the valve cover gasket. Strengthening the function of the valve cover is the task assumed by the valve cover gasket. The valve cover gasket is a protective rubber material designed to make sure that the valve cover properly seals the cylinder. This greatly prevents oil from seeping through the cylinder through which it passes. Just like any other mini bike component valve covers also wear out in the long run so check them regularly.