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Mini bike seat mounting hardware is as important for a safe ride as the mini bike seats. OMB Warehouse4 stocks a range of hardware that is strong and reliable. The hardware which includes the seat plates and mounting shafts are available with us in a range of options, from ones that are fixed to those that can be moved to lower or increase the heights of the seats. One of our premium products is the Motorcycle Seat Lowering Kit Bracket Seat Lower Mounting. It features premium quality hardware that can lower the rider seat by 0.39inch (10mm). Very high reliability. It will allow you to enjoy a more relaxed riding experience without relying on expensive high seats. Simple and easy to assemble. This can save you a lot of money spent on expensive high seats. Gives you a very comfortable driving experience. Seat Lowering Bracket Material: stainless steel Color: black. Package size: 10*8*4 cm. Another product in our stock is the Mini bike Solo Seat Front Mounting Bracket with a universal fit, 7.8" (200mm) long. It can be used in combination with a hinged bracket (not included) to create tilt up, easy access to underneath your seat, Material: Iron, the length is about 20cm /7.87"Color: Black