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Check out the largest stocks of mini bike Max Torque sprockets at OMB Warehouse. Each item is of the highest quality and will last long in the most demanding driving conditions. Max-Torque drive sprockets from 12 teeth up to 19 teeth. These drive sprockets feature an oil impregnated 7/8" ID bore bushing for added durability and smoother operation. Drive sprocket changes can be made quickly and easily by removing the outer 3/4" diameter snap ring and removing the clutch drum which will expose the inner snap ring that holds the drive sprocket to the clutch drum. Do not shim these drive sprockets to fit tight in the clutch drum, the clutch will operate more efficiently with the single snap ring and a small amount of play. These sprockets only fit the Max-Torque brand clutches. If you have a 12 tooth clutch and you want to use a 13 tooth sprocket or above then you will need to purchase the Max Torque 13 tooth drum. One of our best selling items is the Max-Torque 3/4" Sprocket Clutch 35 Chain 12 Tooth SS. Specifications are 3/16" keyway, Two set screw holes 90 degrees apart, tapped 1/4-28 Bore - 3/4", Teeth - 12 Chain - #35 Pitch - 3/8\".