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Popular MB165 and MB200

If you are looking for high quality Mini Bike popular MB165 and MB200parts and spares good as OEM replacements, check the catalog for stocks at OMB Warehouse. All these bikes from Baja are hardy and high performing bikes. Many spares of these bikes overlap one another in specifications and one item is often compatible with several makes and models. Please check the precise specifications before ordering from us. You can also reach out to our experts in case of any doubts about the precise popular MB165 and MB200 parts. One of the top selling items in our inventory for the MB165 is the superior spark plug that will keep the engine running smoothly. It uses .030 gap, commonly used on many 6.5 HP engines. Another product is the Chain Tensioner with a 1-3/4" Roller for the Baja Mini Bike MB165. It is easily installed and the 2-5/8" arm & large roller on this chain tensioner keeps the chain running smoothly. For the MB200 check out the high performing carburetor with a long choke. This carb is unique for its long choke handle. There are many other Mini Bike popular MB165 and MB200 parts and spares in our inventory that will meet your needs.