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Metric mini bike axles are specialty mini bike parts. OMB Warehouse stocks a whole range of these items all sourced from leading brands and manufacturers. These products are perfect as OEM replacement parts and built to last long even on the toughest terrains or on the race tracks. Metric mini bike axles of our inventory are available in a range of specifications. Check out the following: Front Axle Bolt for Mini Bike, Length: 245mm [9.6"], Overall Length: 258mm [10.1"] includes head, Length excluding head: 25.6cm [10.1"]. We also have metric mini bike axles with bolt details of Length: 240mm [9.44"], Overall length: 250mm [9.84"] long includes head,12MM bolt also known as M12, Pitch is 1.25 and comes with the nut. Another of our frequently-ordered products is the Rear Axle Bolt for the Coleman Trail CT200U Mini Bike with Length: 321mm [12.6"], Overall length: 333mm [13.11"] long includes head, 14MM bolt also known as M14 with thread pitch: 1.50. We also stock the bolt with Length: 230mm [9.00"], Overall length: 241mm [9.5"] long includes head, 12MM bolt also known as M12, having pitch 1.25 and is available with the nut. Get high-quality metric mini bike axles at OMB Warehouse.