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For the widest range of Mini bike GE Ultimate parts check out the stocks at OMB Warehouse. Check our catalog for the greatest selection of high quality parts for your mini bike. Noram GE Racing Clutch has been the undisputed leader for more than 40 years with a powerful record for producing winners on the race tracks. The GE Ultimate is a new product from Norman with more durability and reliability with alternate shoe configurations that easily conform to your unique driving skills. Variable torque settings dramatically decrease slippage. Replaceable sprockets eliminate frequent, and costly, drum replacement. Thrust bearings contribute to an exceptionally smooth performance. High tech linings provide a maximum coefficient of friction. Among the Mini bike GE Ultimate parts in our inventory is the replacement socket and retaining ring, sprockets, clutch hardware and key, snap ring, outer washer, thrust bearing kit, and clutch hub. The GE Ultimate series clutch springs are color segregated for easy identification and installation and are available in black, red, white, blue, purple, green, and orange. One of the in-demand among Mini bike GE Ultimate parts that we stock is the top durability Noram GE Ultimate Clutch - #219 Chain - 16 Tooth, 3/4'' Bore, #219 Chain, and 4 Cycle.