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OMB Warehouse is your one stop destination if you are looking for Mini bike DB30S replacement parts and spares that are of the highest quality and good as OEM replacements. One of our top selling Mini bike DB30S spares is the Wheel Bearing – Doodle Bug DB30 Coleman CT100U, OEM Wheel Bearing, for Baja Doodle Bug DB30, Blitz, Racer, Dirt Bug, Viper, ID: 12MM, OD: 32MM, Width: 10MM. Next is the DB30S-122 Baja OEM Steering Stem Bearing, Baja OEM steering stem bearing with approximate measurements: ID: 10mm, OD: 22mm, and Thickness: 6mm. A superior and much-in-demand item for Mini bike DB30S is the Upgraded Baja Doodlebug DB30S Hydraulic Brake. This kit is for use on 7/8" handlebars. This kit is a direct fit for the DB30S series bikes that have the rear disc brake only. Can also be adapted to some Motovox mini bikes with a rear disc brake. This part can be adapted to other mini bikes/go karts, but brackets will need to be fabricated. Master cylinder is filled with fluid, but may need to be bled before use. The hose is 48" long. When mounting on mini bike DB30S with disc brakes, you must ensure the rotor is centered in the caliper for proper operation.