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If you are looking for high quality mini bike spindles that perfectly fit most makes and models of mini bikes, check out wide range of stocks at OMB Warehouse. Before ordering mini bike spindles, verify the sizes and the specifications. For the two-piece crank set, there is a left and right arm, but the spindle is attached to one of the cranks. The spindle passes through the bearings in the bottom bracket shell. The common three piece crank set has left and right arms with the bearing and spindle integrated. The left-side cup is a right-hand thread direction, which tightens clockwise and removes counter clockwise. The right-side (drive-side) thread is a left-hand thread, which tightens counter clockwise and loosens clockwise. For the typical modern bikes, the bottom bracket spindle is separate from the cranks. This is known as a three-piece crank set. The cranks attach to the spindle via a common square taper, cotter or splined interface. The latest designs in mini bike spindles are now using an integrated bottom bracket with outboard bearings. A typical mini bike spindle at OMB Warehouse is the 5/8" Kingpin Weldment Spindle Bracket with 2-1/2" between ears, 1-1/4" clearance to bolt centerline.