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If you are looking for a range of spares for your mini bike BB 65, check out the stocks at OMB Warehouse. All the parts are of the highest quality good as OEM spares. Do check out the exact specifications of the part needed for your mini bike BB65before ordering to ensure a perfect fit. You may also contact our experts if not sure the precise spares needed. Some of the in-demand spares in our inventory for the mini bike BB65are as follows. Baja Motorsports Genuine BB65-366 Brake System Brake Hose BB65 Baja Blaster. This genuine Baja BB65-366 Brake Hose has Part # BB65-366. Another is the 19x7.00-8 Knobby Tire for Baja Mini Bikes BB65, ATVS, and Go-Karts. This excellent quality tire has aggressive knobby tread and is what you need for off-road use. Our tire fits a wide range of popular ATVs, dirt bikes, go-karts, mini bikes, and more.This great 19x7.00-8 tubeless pneumatic tire is a superb performer when the pavement stops and the "all-terrain" begins.Popular 19x7.00-8 size with knobby tread, Tubeless pneumatic (no inner tube required), For ATVs, dirt bikes, go-karts, & mini bikes, original tire for the Baja BB65. Check out our inventory for more spares.