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For the largest collection of mini bike DN65spares and parts, check out the complete range at OMB Warehouse. We source stocks from leading manufacturers only. Do check out the exact specifications of the part needed for your mini bike DN65 before ordering to ensure a perfect fit. You may also contact our experts if not sure of the precise spares needed. Mini bike spares are often common between makes and models and one part is often compatible with various models, not necessarily from the same manufacturer. Hence be sure of the specifications of your mini bike DN65 replacement part needed. One of the critical mini bike DN65 replacement parts with us is the Stock Carburetor for the BSP/Dupor Clone engines. Nothing has been altered or changed on these carbs. Fits Honda GX160/GX200, Clone 196cc and Predator 212cc. Choke lever is included. Direct replacement for the Baja Mini bikes and Go karts with the 196cc 6.5HP engines. Another spare for the mini bike DN65 that you can get is the 4.10/3.50-4 Scooter & Mini ATV Tire with Knobby Tread. Optional inner tube with an angled valve stem, Knobby tread for both hard or loose surfaces, Very wide range of off-road model compatibility and a 2-ply rating, this is an outstanding tire that combines value and performance