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Baja motorsports has been around for a long time and just because they're out of business doesn't mean you don't need parts for your bikes and karts.  Baja parts are largely discontinued - what you see below is all the remaining inventory that exists.  If you don't see a part here, it means that we don't have it and we can't get it for your Baja Motorsports build.  Baja Motorsports is mostly known in the mini bike community for their Baja warrior mini bike and their Baja Doodlebug mini bike.  With that being said, we offer a lot of Baja mini bike parts like Baja Doodlebug brake caliper, wheel bearings, side cover gaskets, clutches, master links, spark plugs, carburetors, and more.  We carry parts for the Baja Doodlebug DB30-S mini bike, DB30-R, Baja Warrior 200cc, MB165, HT65, WR65, Heat, as well as anything else you see below.