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Mini bike 1600 series racing clutches come in a wide range and variety. OMB Warehouse stocks the entire range of high quality 1600 series from leading brands. Many variables define the performance of a clutch. Tire size, rear sprocket size and rear drive set-up are a few of the main variables that could affect clutch performance. If you are using large tires or a small sprocket, your vehicle may require a belt drive system. Clutch performance is not based solely on the engine size. Our best selling product is the Noram 1600 Series Clutch - #40/41/420 Chain - 14 Tooth. Product specification is 1/4'' Keyway, 14 Tooth, and #40/41/420 Chain. The NORAM 1600 Series (1" bore clutch, 1/4" keyway) provides no-load starting, overload protection, speed control and the elimination of the need for over sizing electric motors to reach starting torque requirements. Featuring360° of shoe contact surface, 1600 Series clutches have been designed for more horsepower. (3 - 15 hp). Also in our inventory is the mini bike 1600 Series Racing Clutch from 1" Bore #41 14T, Mini Bike 8-18HP. Product specifications are #41 Chain, 14T Clutch, 1" bore, 1/4 keyway, 2 set screws, engages at 2050 rpm, Rated for 3-15 HP Engines