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High quality mini bike valve stems are critical for your wheel and tire kit as it protects the tire from going flat. Check out the stocks at OMB Warehouse. Mini bike valve stems are a basic feature of your wheels/rims that keep your tires inflated, allowing you to add or remove air as needed. They play an important part in tire and wheel safety. The valve core is the inner sealing portion of the valve stem that prevents air loss. The valve core should be tightened into the valve body for a proper seal. The valve cap’s main function is to keep dirt and debris from getting inside and contaminating or corroding the valve core. If moisture gets inside the valve and freezes, it can cause air loss and/or a flat tire. Of course, it also helps to prevent air loss using the rubber seal inside the cap. One of our top products is the Bent Valve Stem for tubeless ATV, dirt bikes, & mini bikes. It is easy to reach and is a very handy little item. The diameter where the stem mounts is 14 mm. Similarly, we also have the Straight Valve Stem for Tubeless ATV, Dirt Bike, &mini bikes of 35 mm length, and 15 mm stem mount.