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The Bonanza mini bike has a rich tradition and we at OMB Warehouse are proud to be a part of it. See our varied inventory and know what it takes to restore one. The story of the mini bike Bonanzastarts with its founder Michael O. Farrand. He started the Custom Kart in Central California in 1958. In 1960, he moved operations to San Jose. The company was renamed California Kart, then Kart Industries, and finally Bonanza Industries. By 1962, Michael wanted to get into mini bikes and kept the competition alive in this sector by designing and building the Bonanza mini bike. The objective was to create a racing bike that would be very effective in the corners, capable of high speeds, and be able to carry an adult up an incline. The prototype was very successful and the first line model sold over 50,000 units.It hadan 8 HPTecumseh with a big bore early carburetor and a comet torque converter and could run at a top speed of 62 mph. The Bonanza mini bikeMX1210was powered by a 3 HP Tecumseh and ran through a jackshaft. There were matching rear shocks and front fork suspension.