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Aluminum Sprockets

Mini bike aluminum sprockets stocks at OMB Warehouse are hard anodized and of the highest quality. These are sourced from leading brands and top manufacturers. One of our top products is the AFAM Motocross Aluminum Self-cleaning Sprockets that have been hard anodized. This is a harder layer that reduces wear. The color is Gun Metal and the bottom of the teeth on both sides is provided with a mud groove to evacuate sand and mud quickly in order to avoid chain tension. With its 3D relief design, they are milled for maximum weight savings, but they still remain safe. The proper tolerances for off-road usage and the AFAM tooth profile make it a high quality product with long service life. Most of the mini bike aluminum sprockets in our stocks are computer designed to combine the ultimate strength at minimum weight. They are also CNC machined to aviation tolerances. Made of aluminum alloy, they feature meniscus shaped self-cleaning grooves on all the teeth on both sides. The sprockets are sand blasted to reduce material surface tension and then finished by anodizing to a superb satin-silk effect. The aluminum sprockets 32T work well with aluminum hubs and geared motors, are extremely strong and lightweight and have ½ in bore.