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For the sturdiest mini bike mounting brackets that promise years of service, check out the high quality stocks at OMB Warehouse sourced from leading brands. High quality mini bike mounting brackets for engines are designed for performance in the worst conditions - under the hot, oily engine. Replacing your old engine mounts is a good way to reduce excessive vibration and movement that can slowly degrade the rest of your driveline, bearings, and jet pump. Replace any parts that do not appear normal and showing signs of excessive wear and tear is essential to save the rest of your driveline!! If you have to replace one, it's probably time to replace them all. Also, check out our Bottom & Top Engine Mount Rubber Damper Kit Replacement for 2004-2007 Yamaha Rhino 660. These mini bike mounting brackets are made of high quality material, it can withstand all levels of temperature environment, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance in the case of severe vibration to maintain good performance, and is strong and durable. The surface has anti-rust treatment, the bottom pad adopts anti-skid design for long service life and to meet the shock absorption, sealing, noise reduction requirements. Package includes 2 X bottom mount rubber damper, 2 X top mount rubber damper, 4 X nut, 4 X mounting bolt.