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OMB Warehouse stocks a large range of Predator 212cc Performance Kits Hemi, all of the highest quality and sourced from leading brands and manufacturers. Performance kits and products are components like those on standard bikes but with improvements to increase the riding comfort and performance. One of our top-selling items in Predator 212cc Performance Kits Hemi comprises air filters, jets, exhausts, and more.  This is a basic performance kit to put on any Predator 212cc motor for a mud boat with our mud pipe exhaust that shoots out the side. This cost-effective easy to install kit will add 1+ horsepower to your stock Predator 212cc engine. Make sure you use a billet flywheel if you have taken the governor off of your motor! The kit includes an angled air filter, air filter adapter, chokehold bracket, heavy rubber gasket, "140" emulsion tube, long carburetor stud, .036 jet, advanced timing key, and mud pipe header with screw-on muffler. Check out our Predator 212cc Performance Kits Hemi Torque Converter also. This kit is made of high-quality iron and aluminum, which is sturdy and durable. It fits all engines with a 3/4-inch straight crankshaft. Other specifications are Length: 70.5cm / 27.76", Outside circumference: 27 23/64", Width is 3/4".