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If you need mini bike Fury and Flame centrifugal clutches from leading manufacturer Hillard, check out the large high quality collection at OMB Warehouse. The mini bike Fury is an economical racing clutch designed for durability. The sprockets are heat treated steel and the hub is heat treated. The Fury is available with an oil impregnated bronze bushing, or a needle bearing and has a long lasting low maintenance design with some tunability. The Fury clutch can handle excessive heat and give you consistent torque all race season. It is a great choice for the super heavy class. The mini bike Flame clutch includes all of the design advantages of the Fury but also has several additional features. The clutch is fully tunable with optional weights. The optional weights allow the racer to make small adjustments to the engaging speed for optimal performance. The shoes have been designed to reduce chatter and provide smoother engagement over the Fury clutch. The shoes are lighter than a Fury shoe which reduces the inertia and includes cleaning grooves to collect dirt/debris. The cleaning grooves maintain a smooth drum surface with less galling. The quick change springs, tuning weights, and new shoe design (with the increased surface area) make the Flame clutch a great choice for the clone or LO206 for weight classes 400# or less.