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Mini bike collars at OMB Warehouse are available for a range of uses, starting from the high quality jackshaft collar to trike axle bearing collar to many more. We also stock the racing collars for mini bike racing that keeps the rider protected and safe in case of a fall or an accident. The 4 piece jackshaft collar 5/8 in can be bought at our store as well as the ¾ in collar. The specifications of the 5/8 in collar are 5/8 in inner diameter, 1 in outer diameter, and 0.40 in wide. Similarly, the ¾ in jackshaft mini bike collars have the following specifications: 3/4 in inner diameter, 1 ¼ in outer diameter, and 9/16 in wide. Also, check out our jackshaft collar, split, steel, 3/4" ID X 1-3/4" OD X 1/2" Wide. The top collar of shock spring is important in mini bikes and we have this part in our inventory too. While adjusting the laden sag, if it is not correct, use a hammer and punch to release the shock spring’s top collar. Then tap the collar to compress or release it depending on whether you need the spring to be stiffer or softer. After you’re done, remember to tighten the top collar so it’s locked into position.