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OMB Warehouse stocks a large collection of mini bike reduction bushing that has various applications and matches most types, makes, and models of mini bikes. Reduction bushings are used to join axles by reducing a larger fitting down to a smaller size. Most of our mini bike reduction bushing are threaded both inside and out and take up very little space when compared to a coupling or a union that meets the same goals. A typical mini bike reduction bushing is a galvanized or brass part that screws into a port and then has a threaded hole into which a smaller fitting screw. This allows, for example, ¾ in fittings to be used in 1 in ports. One of our top-selling mini bike reduction bushing spacers is made of nylon with specifications of 15/16 in outer diameter, ¾ in inner diameter and 15/16 in length. Another is the steel axle bushing with ¾ in inner diameter, 5/8 in length, and 1 in outer diameter. Other mini bike reduction bushing includes split bushing with 5/8 in internal diameter, 11/16 in outer diameter and 7/8 in length, steel wheel bushing ½ in x 5/8 in, and nylon bushing spacer of 13/16 in outer diameter, 5/8 in inner diameter, and 13/16 in length.