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Mini bike other performance parts for Coleman 196cc, Hisun and TaoTao at OMB Warehouse increase the performance of mini bikes by several notches, being of OEM quality. Check out some of the top Mini bike Other Performance Parts in our inventory. One is the mini bike Spark Plug. Fix one and your bike will run faster and more efficiently. When gapped at 0.020, this plug will completely ignite all the air & fuel mixture in your cylinder giving better acceleration and top speed, while making your bike even easier to start. Another of in-demand item in our inventory for Coleman 196ccOther Performance Parts, Hisun Other Performance Parts, and TaoTao Other Performance Parts is the performance filter kit that will boost your pocket bike's performance by letting your engine breathe easier. The cone-shaped design allows for a larger surface area resulting in more air. The package includes a high-speed velocity stack and all mounting hardware. Simple bolt-on installation. We also stock the Performance Carburetor Kit as a component of Mini bike other performance parts for Coleman 196cc, Hisun and TaoTao. This complete bolt-on set includes the performance carburetor, throttle body, gasket, and a special wide-mouth performance air-filter.