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Get top quality mini bike colored cable ties from OMB Warehouse and keep all your bike cables neat and organized for greater performance, durability, and safety. Mini bike colored cable ties are fasteners that bundle cables and wires together to keep them organized and prevent any damage. They are available in different sizes, lengths, materials and even colors for easy identification of the group of cables that they are used for. There are various uses of these cables but the most important is to hold all the mini bike cables neatly together and are the most effective way to manage your mini bike cables. The standard mini bike colored cable ties in our inventory have self-locking, and are usually for single use. The reusable cable ties can be used more than once and can be opened to add or take away cables to and from the existing bunch. Our best selling mini bike colored cable ties are made from industrial strength nylon and can be used in temperatures ranging from -10 C to + 85 C. They are weather resistant and exposure to direct sunlight application is not an issue. This high tensile strength, flexibility, and non-breaking nylon cable tie is safe and environmentally friendly.