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Check out the stocks of Mini bike 6 in tubes at OMB Warehouse, all sourced from established and reputed brands and manufacturers, good for mini bikes of most makes and models. Before ordering, please check the size of the tubes that are the right fit for the tires of your mini bike. If you have any doubt regarding the size of your mini bike tires or tubes, check on our experts before ordering for the perfect fit. Tubes are critical components of mini bikes and selecting the right size is not only important for a comfortable ride but also for your safety too. One of our specialty items in Mini bike 6 in tubes is the 4.00-6 Rear Tire and Tube Set for the MinimotoMaxii Pocket Bike. This is not an extremely common tire or tube size, so we came up with a great deal for MinimotoMaxii owners. Here is our 4.00-6 rear tire and tube set for the MinimotoMaxii pocket bike, a great (if hard to find) tire and its own tube. Before placing your order, ensure that you have got the right size tires and hubs. Always ensure that the products like tires, tubes, and rims you order perfectly fit each other.