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If you are looking for mini bike 219 chain, check the high quality stocks at OMB Warehouse. We source our inventory from top suppliers and manufacturers only. Our best selling item is the Centrifugal Clutch,20mm Bore, 219 Chain, 16 Toothfor Mini Bike Engine 3/4 Bar. The item is especially for motors that are less than 200 cc only. This HD mini bike 219chain clutch and sprocket set for Honda is for mini bikes engines with parallel 20mm engine drive shafts. Fits onto a standard Honda 3/16'' key way using the pre fitted woodruff key. The standard anti clockwise centrifugal operation engages around 1700 rpm and can work in either direction. This item normally works on 5.5hp or 6.5hp GX160 GX200 engine styles.Our chains are manufactured from very specific carbon & alloy steel to achieve the highest level of wear & fatigue resistance through precise heat treatment & shot peening. The chains are fully compliant to the ANSI B29.1 standards, which outlines specific dimensional & strength requirements for American chain sizes. Also check out our mini bike 219 chain with 120 pitches. Known for its strength and durability, you can be assured of its performance on the worst tracks and conditions.