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OMB Warehouse stocks a large range of mini bike other bushings apart from the standard and flanged bearings good to fit make and models of most mini bikes. Bushings in our inventory, often referred to as sleeve bearings, are made to slide over rods to provide very low friction motion. These mini bike other bushings are excellent for shock absorption and go a long way to minimize usage, noise, and wear. Our bushings are also perfect as OEM replacement parts and widely used on mini bikes requiring high load-bearing tolerances. Our main stocks of mini bike other bushings are made of bronze or plastic. Bronze bushings are typically manufactured from continuous cast bronze material to ensure a uniform bronze structure throughout the bushing. They are general-purpose bushings that offer excellent load carrying capabilities, protect against wear, and can endure high levels of heat, withstanding temperatures of up to 450°F. Bronze bushings can also be designed with flanges to handle combined loads. The other is the mini bike other bushings in our inventory made of solid plastic. These are best-selling items because of being lightweight and having corrosion-resistant properties. They require little to no maintenance or additional lubrication. These bushings have been designed to overcome heat sensitivity, softening, wear, or reduced life at elevated temperatures.