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OMB Warehouse stocks a large range of Performance Kits for Coleman 196cc, Hisun, TaoTao mini bikes, all of the highest quality sourced from top brands. Performance kits and products are components like those on standard bikes but with improvements to increase the riding comfort and performance. Some of our top-selling mini bike Coleman 196cc Performance Kits, Hisun Performance Kits, and TaoTao Performance Kits consist of the following items. One is the performance racing clutch assembly. Whether your ride is modified or stock, having a race clutch gives instantaneous power off-the-line by engaging the drive train at higher RPMs due to the stiffer pre-installed Racing Springs and longer-lasting, high-density triple clutch pads. If you like drag racing and leaving 4 bike lengths on your opponent, this is a must-have modification. Another of the Performance Kits for Coleman 196cc, Hisun, TaoTao mini bikes is the racing sprocket. Want a higher top speed? There is no better way to achieve it than with this 55-tooth high-speed racing sprocket. Designed for maximum gains on the high-end, this chrome-plated gear is computer balanced and lightweight for long stretches of straightaways. Gain a few MPH for a minimal loss on the low-end. Includes mounting bolts.