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We carry Azusa mini bike kits that you build by yourself at home from the ground up.  Theses mini bike kits can be outfitted with 5", 6", 8' and 10" wheels.  The kits must be assembled and then have an engine added to them.  Our mini bike kits can be purchased with a Predator 212 engine.  If you have parts lying around or want to do something custom, we also have the mini bike frame alone without wheels.  You can build your bike with one complete kit or pick and choose other wheels and parts from our site for a more customized build.  These kits come with everything you'll possibly need to have a rolling mini bike frame like wheels, front forks, a seat, a sprocket, brakes, axles and all the rest. You'll be able to paint the mini bike kit what ever color you decide to add that personal touch on it!  These mini bike kits are great for someone who's trying to get into the mini bike community or a fun project with a kid.  Azusa mini bike kits are a great gift for anyone at any age!