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Get the best and the widest range of mini bike clutch and chain deflectors at OMB Warehouse. These are critical components for safety and protection from heat. Check out our Chain Guard/Heat Shield which is the perfect addition to a Box Stock, BP, Outlaw engine. The sturdy thermal shield is positioned to help prevent contact between your shoulder and the header, even when you lean on it in the turns. Works with any of the headers that ARC carries, but does not work with the stock "box" muffler. Made from 3/16 aluminum and drilled for use with angled motor mounts. Then there is the Clutch Chain Cover for Baja Doodle Bug (DB30R-148). This item in our mini bike clutch and chain deflectors is compatible with DB30R and cannot be used as a replacement part for the discontinued DB30S-102 chain cover. The cover protects you from dangerous moving parts. Another top selling item in our inventory of mini bike clutch and chain deflectors is the AlveyTech Metal Drive Chain & Sprocket Cover for the Baja Mini Bike MB165 & MB200. Keep your Baja Motorsports mini bike chain protected with a new metal chain cover. Easy installation, durable black finish, and strong metal construction.