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Check out the top selling Mini bike GE Ultimate series product at OMB Warehouse, precision designed and manufactured to give you an edge on the race tracks. The much in-demand item in the Mini bike GE Ultimate series is the Noram GE Ultimate Clutch - #35 Chain - 12 Tooth. Specifications are 12 Tooth, 3/4'' Bore, #35 Chain, and 4 Cycle. Noram Mini bike GE Ultimate series racing clutch has been the undisputed mini bike industry legend for more than 40 years and has churned out winners over the years. Designed to seamlessly mesh with mini bike track conditions and the skill level of the driver the latest Mini bike GE Ultimate series racing clutch delivers consistent performance. The highlight of the clutches is Alternate shoe configurations to easily conform to your unique driving skills, Variable torque settings to dramatically decrease slippage, Replaceable sprockets to eliminate frequent, and costly, drum replacement, thrust bearings that contribute to exceptionally smooth performance and High tech linings for a maximum coefficient of friction. Other superior items stocked by us are Noram Mini bike GE Ultimate series#35 chain 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 tooth configurations.