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Mini bike steel plate sprockets at OMB Warehouse are high quality classic products, highly durable and long lasting and sourced from leading manufacturers. We have a wide range of mini bike steel plate sprockets that are good for most makes and models of mini bikes and perfect as OEM replacement parts. Our top selling item is the Steel Plate Sprocket C35 72T;8-3/4" OD, C35, 72 Tooth, 8-3/4" OD. This sprocket is made of heavy gauge steel for long lasting life.2" center hole and has popular four bolt hole Indus pattern with mounting holes 2" apart. 2-7/8" bolt circle. Another similar item but with different specifications is the Steel Plate Sprocket C35 60T;7-1/4" OD, C35, 60 Tooth, 7-1/4" OD. This sprocket too is made of the best heavy gauge steel for long life and durability. The 60 tooth, #35 Steel Plate Sprocket is another variety in our inventory. This steel plate sprocket is for 35 chain, 60 Tooth, 7-1/4" OD, 1-3/8" ID. 2-7/8" to 3-1/4" bolt circle. Among our top selling mini bike steel plate sprockets is the mini bike Steel Plate Sprocket 48 Teeth Wheel Mini Bike Accessories 420 Chain. Made of treated stainless steel, the mounting hole diameter: is 9mm, Thickness: 6mm / outer diameter: 19.6cm