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Check out the huge range of Mini bike 1600 series parts for Noram clutches. The parts are all sourced from top manufacturers and are good for the toughest riding conditions. The NORAM 1600 Series Clutch is designed for higher horsepower engines and eliminates the need for oversizing engines to reach starting torque requirements. The Mini bike 1600 series parts include 4-Cycle Clutch with 1" Bore that is run inboard or outboard. The 10T, #40/41 Chain is outboard only for 3-15 HP Engines. It is also available in #35 Chain for 17T and comes with purple springs. There is also the #40/#41 Chain for 10T & 14T with purple springs that is good for 10T run outboard only. Among our top Mini bike 1600 series parts is one that is available in #428 Chain for 15T and comes with purple springs. The features of the 1600 series clutches are No Load Starting, Overload Protection, Speed Control Design, and 360º Shoe Contact Surface. Order for Mini bike 1600 series parts like needle bearing, clutch shoe, inner washer, and outer washer from OMB Warehouse. Check out our Noram Enforcer Clutch, #35 Chain (12T or 13T) 1" Bore also with product specifications #41 Chain, 14T Clutch, 1" bore, 1/4 keyway, and 2 set screws.