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OMB Warehouse stocks a large collection of Mini bike 12 in tires and 12 in wheels and rims that are good for high-performance road and race and dirt tracks mini bikes. However, before placing your order, ensure that you have got the right size tires and hubs. The grooves of the Mini bike 12 in tires are very important for stability and riding comfort in specific conditions. Here are some aspects to keep in mind when your order for Mini bike 12 in tires from OMB Warehouse. Zigzag groove design: Zigzag and trailed main grooves enhance the strong traction; improve the drainage and anti-skip performance. Large slope tread grooves design provides excellent stone removing performance. 3D steel sheets: 3D interlaced steel sheets design. 3D interlaced steel sheets increase the grip ability, braking force and safety of driving. Close shoulder: Coherent close shoulder design. Enhanced rid and coherent close block design on shoulder prevents the leaning-grind caused by heavy rigidity, and remain the high-speed turning agility at the same time. Irregular pattern: Irregular pattern and multi-pitch design brings silence and a comfortable ride. If you have any doubt regarding the size of your mini bike tires, check on our experts before ordering for the perfect fit.