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For heavy or off-road mini bikes, you will need a torque converter for optimum performance. Check out the mini bike torque converter sprockets at OMB Warehouse. A torque converter sprocket will help you get more power out of your small engine by reducing engine load. A torque converter acts similar to a transmission, allows higher speeds of your small engine, and smoother acceleration Small engine Torque Converter clutches are used in go karts and mini bikes and other applications too. Our torque converter sprockets are great for lower end torque, as they can adjust the gear ratio depending on the engine’s RPM. This makes it ideal for heavier or off-road go-karts. On the other hand, a regular clutch maintains the same gear ratio all the time. This makes it more suitable for lightweight or racing go-karts that are tuned for maximum speed. One of our top selling items in mini bike torque converter sprockets is the complete kit of the VEVOR Go Cart Torque Converter. It is made of high-quality iron and aluminum materials, lightweight, sturdy and durable; it can reduce the engine load and get more power. This kart torque converter has a 5/8" driven clutch with an inner diameter of 6".