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Need mini bike sprocket hubs that are a good match for most makes and models of mini bikes? Check out the extensive and finest inventory at OMB Warehouse. Pick any mini bike sprocket hub and be assured that it is the best that you can get. One of our top selling sprocket hubs is the one for mini bike with 1" Bore & 1/4" Keyway, Bike Sprocket and Brake Mounting Hub. Dimension:1" bore hub with 1/4" keyway. Works for 1" hub axle. Mounting Hardware:1/4" shaft key, bolts, and nuts are included in the package. Best suited as sprocket and brake mounting. Outer diameter: 4".Perfect fit for 1-inch diameter axle. Easy to install.0.39inch holes and 0.28inch hole.Center-to-center measurements for bolt pattern. High quality and durable. Also, check out our ARC Billet Aluminum Sprocket Hub, 1"axle. This hub is CNC machined from billet aluminum alloy and have 6 (1/4-28) threaded holes on a 5-1/4" bolt pattern. Our "B" Type Sprocket Hub 1" Bore has Steel plated "B" type hub 2-1/2" outer diameter by 1/2" thick, with a 1-1/4" shoulder surrounding the bore for added stability. It has 1" bore with a 1/4" keyway and an opposed set screw hole.