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OMB Warehouse stocks the largest collection of Titan Mini Cup Parts, an item that is of the highest quality and up to the challenges of grueling Mini Cup racing. The ultimate centrifugal clutch for mini-cup cars which is available in our inventory is the Titan 1 in Mini Cup clutch. The 4-Cycle Clutch with 1" Counterbore is for Outboard fitting only. It is available in #35 Chain for 12T-20T and comes with green springs. There is also an item available in #40/41 Chain for 11T that comes with green springs. It features Interchangeable Sprockets, Machined Drum, and a Unique Hub/Shoe Design for max power transmission. Along with this clutch, the Titan Mini Cup parts include bearing, snap ring, clutch key, thrust spacer, thrust bearing, Hub Shaft, clutch shoe, clutch dust cover bolt kit, clutch outside dust cover, clutch inside dust cover, clutch assembly snap ring, clutch drum, spiral snap ring for sprocket, end play washer, cartridge spacer washer for back, crank spacer washer, mounting bolt and washers, and sprocket shim. The best Titan Mini Cup parts feature a Machined drum with interchangeable sprockets for the ultimate in strength and alignment, a Unique hub and shoe design for maximum power transmission, a shoe/spring/hub cartridge for quick easy setup changes, and 4-cycle - 1" counterbore - #35 chain.