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Noram GE Series clutch has been the undisputed leader in mini bike racing for over 40 years. Get the OEM mini bike GE Series replacement parts at OMB Warehouse. What goes for these clutches is that alternate shoe configurations easily conform to your unique driving skills and variable torque settings dramatically decrease slippage, enabling you to prevail over both treacherous and smooth track configurations. Among the mini bike GE Series replacement parts are the replaceable 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 tooth sprockets that eliminate frequent, and costly, drum replacement. #219 chain is also available. Stamped drum, another replacement part, features strategically placed venting holes for maximum airflow, cooler operation and a stream-lined, aerodynamic contour. Thrust bearings contribute to an exceptionally smooth performance. High tech linings, also available as mini bike GE Series replacement parts provide a maximum coefficient of friction. While on replacement parts, also check out our inventory of  Noram GE Series Clutch, #35 Chain 3/4" Bore (Light Shoes). Product specifications are 4 Cycle, 3/4" Bore, #35 Chain, Stock Engagement: 2450 RPM, Stock Spring: Red, Heat Treated Shoes for Increased Durability, Variable Spring Assortment leading to Flexibility in Engagement Settings. You can also change settings to fine-tuning to different track layouts. Improved Stamped Drum Providing Stable and Consistent Runout