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OMB Warehouse offers a range of items in mini bike max torque variable speed category. Each product is best in class, designed to optimize mini bike performance. Check out our Max Torque driver cover guard, mini bike max torque variable speed drive system, Max Torque converter belt, inboard spring, outboard spring, powder meta spine, and many more. Each item is of high quality and perfect as an OEM replacement part. Here is how the mini bike max torque variable speed torque converter drive system works. The variable speed drive system has a driver, a driven, and a 26 degree symmetric V type belt. The driver unit has two 13 degree variable pitch sheaves that are mounted on the engine crankshaft. When the RPMs increase above the idle speed, the unit is activated by centrifugal force. The floating sheave of the driver is forced inward as the RPMs increase. Contact is made with the belt forcing it to move upward on the driver sheaves and downward on the driven sheaves. The driven unit should not be fixed as it floats on the jackshaft. After aligning the belt with the driver, all the float and the movement of the driver will be towards the engine.