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Torque Converters

If you are looking for mini bike torque converters that are of high quality and sourced from leading brands and manufacturers, check the stocks at OMB Warehouse. All our products are good as OEM replacement parts and hence you will never feel a fall or lag in the performance of your bike after a change of components. A torque converter acts similar to a transmission, allows higher speeds of your small engine, and smoother acceleration. Small engine Torque Converter clutches are mostly used in go karts and mini bikes. Our top selling product in mini bike torque converters is the new 30 Series 6.5 HP Go Kart/Mini Bike Torque Converter Clutch Driver Pulley Replacement Comet Manco 212CC 3/4" Bore Max Torque (3/4" Torque Converter Clutch). This 3/4" Torque Converter is a direct replacement kit for the most popular Comet TAV2 go-kart torque converter 30 series. It fits all engines with a 3/4" Straight Crankshaft. Replaces Comet. Recommended engine: 2HP-8HP. Featuring 6" diameter with 3/4" Bore, 3/16" Keyway. This driver clutch is designed to work with a belt and driven pulley assembly. This clutch will help you get more power out of your small engine by reducing engine load.