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If you are looking for high quality, reliable, and long lasting mini bike tensioner / idler sprockets check out the wide range of stocks at OMB Warehouse. Chain Tensioners/Idler Sprockets are essential for chain drive. Excessive chain sag can cause vibration/noise and prevent the chain from properly engaging the sprocket, which prevents the chain from operating smoothly. Our mini bike tensioner / idler sprockets adjust chain slackness and continue proper chain transmission. Idler sprockets are flat hub-less sprockets, with a sealed bearing that allows the sprocket to rotate freely. The bearings used in our idler sprockets use a wide inner race to create spacing between components on a shaft. Idlers are normally mounted in a fixed position on a fixed shaft or attached to a tensioner arm. Idler sprockets should be used on drives in mini bikes when long lengths of chain are used to take up any chain sag that may occur. One of our top products in this category is the 10 tooth idler sprocket that can be fixed to a stationary shaft or can be mounted to a sprocket tensioner arm. Also, check out the heavy duty idler/tensioner sprockets-5/8" precision ball bearing., #40/41 chain with 16 teeth.