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Use the top quality mini bike tire prep product from OMB Warehouse to chemically treat your mini bike tires and get an extra bite from the tires on the road. Simply applying the product to a tire is not enough, how you apply it and when you apply mini bike tire prep is what matters. When you apply tire prep to the inside, the structure of the tire is softened and becomes pliable, increasing the amount of bite a tire will make. When you apply mini bike tire prep to the outside of the tire it softens the tread rubber to adhere to a softer track surface. Second, it also increases the amount of grip, or “bite,” the tire has. Some preps in our stocks will add grip to a tire without softening the tread rubber, while others will do both. Please note that a softer tire will not always bite better, and more prep does not always mean more bite. The key is matching the tire’s surface to the track’s surface so they will adhere best. Our top selling product is the 9863 FTS Black Bite.  At the track, use both on hard or wet tracks, this is a wipe for last minute prep before hitting the track.