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OMB Warehouse offers a range of mini bike shocks that guarantees a smooth and safe ride. Our mechanical shock absorber with chrome-plated spring has maximum compression of 2in and total load compression of 450lbs. Another mini bike suspension has maximum compression of 3in and total load compression of 730lbs.Mini bike shocks serve a dual purpose. First, it contributes to better braking and handling of the bike and second, it keeps the rider comfortably isolated from the bumps on the road, noise, and vibrations. All these results in a smoother and safer ride. In the early days, the rear mini bike suspension was not used and ride quality was maintained by the front forks only. But later the rear mini bike shocks were introduced for greater stability and security. Today, research has shown that rear mono-shocks deliver a better performance than the conventional twin mini bike shocks. A single shock absorber is connected from the swingarm to the frame of the mini bike using a linkage that helps to provide a rising rate of damping to the rear. Also, single mini bike shocks eliminate torque more efficiently from the swingarm and provide better stability and handling.