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If you need mini bike bearings that are dependable and will not let you down in the toughest riding conditions, select and buy from the stocks at OMB Warehouse. We have precise mini bike bearings that are perfect as OEM replacement parts. If the mini bike designs and materials have changed since a model and make was first introduced, we upgrade our stocks to match the newer version also. One of our top selling items is the crankshaft bearing kit that contains 2 O’rings, 2 seals, 2 tapered bearings, and 1 washer. These upper and lower tapered bearing sets along with specially designed seals keep water and dirt out while retaining the grease and lubricants inside. Also, check out our bearing race and seal bushing driver install set of 9 discs collar axle housing with carrying case. These are forged from high strength aluminum for extra durability and strength, the driver and discs feature extraordinarily long service life and don’t mark bearings. The solid, knurled handle offers extra grip and control during use. The collars/discs of 9 different sizes fit standard races used in most wheel bearing applications. Simply select the correct bushing, align straight and centered, and then pound the bearing in.