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For the best in Mini Bike Predator 212cc Performance kits non-Hemi, check out the range of stocks at OMB Warehouse. All replacement items in stocks are OEM quality. If you are confused about the Hemi engine and the Mini Bike Predator 212cc Performance kits non-Hemitype, here are some clarifications for you. Get the Hemi engine if you’re going to use it out of the box with no modifications made, it will produce ~0.3 hp more power out of the box. Get a Non-Hemi Engine if you’re planning to do any modification. You can get the Non-Hemiengine to perform better without much machining.Overall, it will cost you less time and money to modify a Non-Hemi engine to perform better. Check out our high-demand Mini Bike Predator 212cc Performance kits non-Hemi “Cruiser”. This kit is ideal when you are looking to cruise the streets but still want more power than the Stage 1 kit. Our Stage 2 "Cruiser" kit will get you more Horse Power in an easy-to-install package.  We understand that not everyone is looking to race, but want a reliable kit that upgrades all of the factory cast parts for strong billet aluminum parts and still has enough power to get your heart jumping on the straights.