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If you are looking for Mini bike Premier Magnum Seriesclutches, check out the wide range of stocks at OMB Warehouse. Be assured of their quality and durability. The specially designed Noram Mini bike Premier Magnum Series clutches have high performance, heat resistance qualities and are ideal as OEM replacement parts. We have the complete range of the Mini bike Premier Magnum Series clutches including accessories such as the retaining ring, blue spring, 12 tooth heavy shoes, and Premier Magnum clutch crank space washer. The springs are available for varied applications and apart from the blue spring, we also stock the purple, green, and orange ones, color coded for easy recognition of the specific use. Each spring color category is available in a pack of 2. Our best selling item is the Mini bike Premier Magnum Series clutch 12 Tooth - Heavy Shoes with specifications: 12 Tooth, 3/4" bore, #35 Chain, and Heavy Shoes. This 4-cycle clutch design has been developed to provide improved power transmission through a stiffer, more stable drum design.Setting #1 - Smooth Engagement High Inertia Start.Setting #2 - Moderate to Rapid Engagement Low Inertia Start.Setting #3 - Smooth Engagement Average to High Inertia Start.Setting #4 - Rapid Engagement Low Inertia Start.