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3/4" Clutches

If you are looking for mini bike ¾ in clutches, check out the huge stocks at OMB Warehouse. We source items from all the leading brands and manufacturers only. The clutch mechanism is a very clever yet simple design. Most clutches on dirt bikes are a drive friction clutch. There are springs that are designed to keep the clutch plates joined together when the clutch is released. This is when there’s most friction between the plates. This is how the full power of the engine is transferred through to the central spline which is connected to the gearbox which in turn transmits the power to the rear wheel. The power transfer to the rear wheel on a mini bike is done via the chain and sprockets. Of the mini bike ¾ in clutches in our inventory, one of the best selling products is the 2T Centrifugal Clutch Go Kart Clutch 3/4" Bore Fits #35 Chain 12 Tooth For Mini Bike Engine. It is ideal as OEM replacement for engines that do not have a capacity higher than 200cc. It is made of super grade high impact/wear resistant steel, 50% longer lifetime. All our mini bike ¾ in clutches are of superior quality.